Kurt Brunner's Breads

Come in and discover what fills the morning air with a scrumptious scent. 


Kurt Brunner, a certified Austrian Master Baker, has been busy baking butter croissants and fruit Danishes to be ready for your breakfast.  He wakes up extra early, so you can sleep in and still get incredible quality  breads; which are baked directly on Italian baking stones to give you the best flavor and texture of true artisan bread. Artisan breads are made using traditional baking methods in our hearth oven.


Kurt's current specialty breads include

Asiago Cheese, Ciabatta, Oven Roasted Garlic, Sourdough Rye and Sundried Tomato.  He is always working on something new for the season, so come in and ask for the next new flavor.


Tuesday through Saturday

8am - 2:30 pm

120 North Poplar St Aberdeen, NC  28315

(910) 944 - 9204 


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Flavors of Spain & Austria

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