"Give us this day our daily bread"
Come in and discover what fills the morning air with a scrumptious scent. 
Kurt Brunner, a certified Austrian Masterbaker, has been busy baking butter croissants and fruit Danishes ready for breakfast.  Watch as during the early morning hours more artisan breads made using traditional baking methods emerge from our new hearth oven.  Breads are baked directly on Italian baking stones to give you the best flavor and texture of true artisan bread. 
Kurt's current specialty breads include
Asiago Cheese, Ciabatta, Oven Roasted Garlic, Sourdough Rye and Sundried Tomato.  He is always working on something new for the season, so come in and ask for the next new flavor.
Our dual arm mixer is great for artisan breads.  Its mixing motion mimics a bakers hands.  Sure would be hard to mix 100 lbs pounds of dough by hand.  That is a 240 qt mixing bowl!!
Assorted artisan breads with natural grains on our hardwood oak bench, which was made for Kurt Brunner after he took over his dads bakeshop in the '70's.  Matthew Brunner, Kurt's grandson, has already laid his hands on the trusty bench, and hopefully got bit by the bread making bug, to add to the family line of bakers.
The heart of our bakery operation.  The stonelined hearth deck oven.  Especially designed to allow bread to be baked directly on the ovens hearth instead of sheetpans, which gives our bread its fragrant crust and aroma of lighlty caramelized sugars. 
To find out what Kurt is baking today, please call us at (910) 944-9204.
Roasted Potato and Garlic Bread made using a yeast starter.
Asiago Cheese Bread with a touch of Rosemary is great for serving with your pasta.
The Bakehouse
Est. 1948